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Paper Display (AQ000059)

Paper Display (AQ000059)

Floor Display, Counter Display, Sidekick manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Paper Display (AQ000059), Floor Display (AQ000001), Standees (AQ000128) and so on.

Product Details

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Specification:ISO9000/9001/9004/19011:2000

Product Description
From the result of our promotions and publicity, it proves that the advertisements for our POP material products are the highest cost-effective than any other, that because our POP material products have 8 important advantages:

1. Lightweight and stable: Manufactured by the advanced mechanised production lines; Very easy to be fixed and fitted together for use; And its weight is just 1 eighth of other materials' wight such as iron material, wooden material and glass material.

2. Nice display effect: Colorful and exquisite.

3. Low cost: The cost is just 1 fifth or less than other materials'.

4. Affinity: POP materials are easier to be combined with other products.

5. Beautify brand imagine: Environment-friendly materials add honour to our product, it shows the good imagine of our company and make the customers absolutely satisfied with our products.

6. Enviornment-friendly: Can be recycled both totally or partly so as to safe much resources.

7. The lower cost of transportation: Light, and can be folded so as to reduce the volume and they are not easy to be damaged.

8. Various structures: The style of our paper display are mutiformity. We are the dominant provider in the business line in china, and have big factories, we wish you could visit us soon!

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