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Tray Adhesives

SHENZHEN JC POP DISPLAY CO.,LTD. | Updated: Jan 26, 2015

Title: 1. Status of adhesive application, 2. prospects and outlook,

1; Adhesive is a very wide range of applications and easy to purchase raw materials for the production of compounds;.. Finished according to the needs of different chemical structure and function can be divided into many forms.

     Packaging, printing adhesive coat commodity as it has an irreplaceable role, packaging and printing has become an important factor affecting the competitiveness of goods, people on higher commodity packaging more Lei. Require both low cost and durability. Also requested the beautiful and generous able to stimulate and attract consumers. also requires a strong anti-counterfeiting features.

     Glue provides these features, and gave the packaging and printing industry development and growth provides the energy to create the conditions, it can be said:... There is no adhesive hair and parallel applications, you can not see the bright lights of the charming animated modern trendy packaging commodity. Adhesives mainly for carton bottom lip seam adhesive lap when preparing sincere when folding cartons;........ Volume discount bond with the capping axis Paper paper cans bottles, tanks . barrel cup flag stick. paper and paper. paper and slander pull composite paper and thin film and the metal film. flexible plastic called laminated sealing and so on.

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