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Carton Recycling Innovative Environmental Ideas

SHENZHENJC POP DISPLAY CO.,LTD. | Updated: Jan 26, 2015

Right now, online shopping has become part of many people's lives, almost one online shopping will bring a carton. Whether it is a large cardboard box, carton or small, to stay at home really is not much use, but also to occupy the home venue. Consequently, some people put it as waste paper to sell, and some simply fling.

It is understood that China's express delivery volume up to 10 billion per year, and many express use carton packaging, even if half were reused, and the other half is almost as scrap to sell or as a trash to throw. Average weight of 0.1 kg per carton, to produce 1 ton of paper requires 20 trees to calculate the year of delivery cartons will consume nearly 10 million trees. Visible, resource waste problem caused by courier carton has become more prominent, "Express carton recycling" has become essential.

I think that the electricity supplier to launch "a carton from the Environmental and Recycling" campaign, whose purpose is to awaken people to pay attention to the protection of forests, protect the environment and encourage people to take action for all, to join in environmental activities which, in order to save the carton out of a force, but also to protect forests, protect the environment and make a copy of your contribution.

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