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General info about all kinds of cardboard display stands in Shenzhen Jiehcuang Display Product co.,Ltd:


Counter display unit (CDU)

Counter displays are generally smaller than floor standing units holding less products but are strategically placed onto retail point of purchase counters attracting the attention of consumers when they pay for their goods.


Floor standing display units (FSDU)

Corrugated cardboard floor standing display units act as additional shelf space for retail environments; they can be used for one or a number of differing sized products all under the same brand.


Pallet shippers/ Pallet Displays

Pallet shippers or merchandising units are displays on pallets used to ship bulk quantities of products pre-filled by the manufacturer direct to the shop floor ready for the consumers to pick from in the retail environment.


Dump Bins/ Dump Bin Displays

Cardboard dump bins are free standing open displays often used for small loose products usually the base is printed with a solid colour with interchangeable bespoke printed headers

Promotional standee / advertising banner

Standees are lightweight cardboard displays used to communicate a marketing message or to promote a particular brand or product. They can be of any shape usually fully printed and oversized so as to be noticed by potential consumers.

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