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Cardboard Display New Features

Edit: Shenzhen Jiechuang Display Product Co.,Limited    Date: Mar 10, 2016


Why these display stands are always a good success in selling ? The specific features of the cardboard display stand can not be ignored:


■ The paper material of cardboard display satnds can be colorful printedwith customer's logo and artwork, which  is an excellent advertising vehicle;

■ Cardboard display stands are all (or mostly)  made of  high quality corrugated cardboard , and the  designers will design the suitable structure according to the specific products, so it's stable enough to carry promotional products, and to meet stringent environmental requirements;

■ Cardboard advertising display can be used in a variety of large promotional activities, stores, shopping malls, exhibition, etc.,  Their pattern, color, shape can be designed freely, which may creat excellent results in public;

■The cardboard stadn display units lightweight, flat packaging will save the shipping and logistics costs, it's a much cheapers way than advertisments;

■ Economic and ecofriendly material of the cardboard free standing display , which is easy to be recyclable use.

■ The cardboard material can easily match with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) , we can make the mixed structure of display rack according to customer's requirements;

■It is convenient for cardboard display suppliers to transported from the origin to the final distination directly, cost of packing and stowage will be saved .

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