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Blister Packaging Is Not On The Type Of Material To Be Classified

SHENZHENJC POP DISPLAY CO.,LTD. | Updated: Jan 26, 2015

Special thick plastic blister packaging thickness of 0.14 ~ 8.0mm --- mainly used PVC, PP, PS (HIPS), PET (including APET and PETG), ABS, PC, PE and PMMA and other materials and effects type of injection plastic products, the main products are refrigerator liner, advertising light boxes, merchandise display stand, pet cage chassis, rear projection TVs and a variety of mechanical shell panels can replace the injection products with low cost mold (only injection mold 1/20), short production cycle, mold development time is short (generally as long as 3 to 5 days) and so on.

The reason is not on the type of plastic packaging material to be classified, mainly on account of an ordinary thin plastic material with special thick plastic used there are some differences, but the PVC, PP, PS and PET, but in these two types of plastic products have a place, called the "four kings" of plastic products timber family!

PVC rigid sheet moderate toughness, not combustion, combustion will produce chlorine, some impact on the environment, PVC heat easily, (blister packaging can sealing machine and high-frequency machine Edge, is the production of the main raw material of transparent plastic products.

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