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Blister Cover On The Product Surface, Play A Role In The Protection And Beautification Products

SHENZHEN JC POP DISPLAY CO.,LTD. | Updated: Jan 26, 2015

Blister, blister process will be made of a particular piece of transparent plastic hard convex shape of the transparent plastic cover on the product surface, play a role in protecting and beautifying products. Also known as blister, vacuum hood, plastic face mask. Blister in the form of different, can be divided into: single blister, double blister, blister card and blister card blister.

Plastic boxes, is a class with a lid and the bottom of plastic products, base and lid together is called folding plastic boxes, bottom and lid separately called the day bottom plastic boxes. ) Plastic "tray", also known as plastic Neto, blister process will be made of hard plastic sheet plastic specific groove, the product is placed in the groove, protect and beautify the role of the product.

Flocking Neto, is a plastic tray using special materials, the ordinary hard plastic surface glue layer velvet material, so that the tray surface kind of velvet touch, to improve packaging grades. Antistatic tray, plastic tray using a special material, the resistance of the material surface is less than 11 10 ohm power. Mainly used in plastic trays electronics, IT products.

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