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Packaging coatings technology

SHENZHEN JC POP DISPLAY CO.,LTD. | Updated: Jan 26, 2015

Packaging coatings technology: paper coating is difficult after recycling, laminating process is simple, the price is cheap. Non-degradable, could easily lead to contamination of the red, the temporary use will harm the health of workers. Therefore, the radical type film adhesive coating that information will be replaced by a new type of high-quality environmentally friendly adhesives. Glazing not only can enhance the appearance of bright, maintenance printing graphics, but does not affect the paper recycling, saving resources and preserve the environment. It is widely used in printing paper packaging looks processing. Gloss varnish coating includes a solvent, water-based varnish, UV glazing oil. Because of the poor solvent varnish effect, and environmentally friendly, a very limited range of applications.

Aqueous coatings with water as a solvent. Eliminating the hazards and pollution of the environment on the human body, non-toxic and tasteless. With a dry bath fast, stable performance, polish looks good wear resistance, finishing wide adaptability, good sealing performance, safe and reliable, more and more food, medicine, tobacco carton packaging printing business attention.

The UV coating internal chemical reaction, UV irradiation of UV glazing rely. To complete the curing process. Because ultraviolet light, UV coating when instant drying, evaporation of the solvent does not exist when cured, will not pollute the environment. Use the UV varnish printing, gloss appearance, heat, wear, water, light, but because of the high price of UV coatings, high performance requirements of the machine, therefore, currently only used on high-end cartons light.

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