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Commonly used packaging packaging materials


Common packaging materials are as follows:

     1) White Class - plain white paper, copy paper, crepe paper;

     2) Bubble Paper / Poly velvet / sponge / EPE;

     3) carton class - white box, brown box, box.

     Packing boxes are often used in the packaging, generally have the following forms:

     1) box: divided into a corrugated box and no corrugated box;

     2) ordinary brown corrugated boxes: commonly used for the three-layer and five-layer corrugated boxes corrugated boxes, packaging is good, the general use of sealing tape;

     3) White Box: can be divided into corrugated (3 or 5 layers) and non-corrugated white box white box, after the general use of the product packaging tape sealing; acrylic box;

     4) display box: the type more, there are color display boxes, display boxes with PVC cover, can visually see the box of the product through the packaging;

     5) Gift Box: used for jewelry, stationery and other packaging products, more categories.

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