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Color packaging design skills to grasp the


Color packaging design techniques should note the following points: First, take care of the relationship between color and packaging materials; the second is the color contrast and color their relationship. These two points are the key to the use of color.

(A) care

Then, as the relationship between color and take care of the packaging we talk about it? Mainly through external packaging color can reveal the inner packaging items or shine. People will be able to see the packaging perceive or think basically why inner packaging. For this problem, I have said many times over in the last article, but if we can go into the store to load He saw a lot of merchandise and failed to reflect that such care relationship. Go outside to the inside so that consumers can not think of why things packaged goods. Of course, it's not for selling products to play an active role in the promotion. Normal external packaging colors should be so with varying degrees of certainty characteristic;

(1) progress from the industry, food packaging their normal colors primary colors yellow, pink to express this gives a sense of warmth and closeness. Of course, tea, with a lot of green, beverages, with a lot of green and blue, wine, cakes with a large red a lot, a lot of children's food, cosmetics category rose its normal colors mostly primary colors pink, pink and white, light green, light blue, dark brown as much, in order to highlight the fantastic warm and elegant, clothing footwear and many more dark green, dark blue, brown or gray as much, to highlight calm weight and elegant beauty.

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