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China packaging garbage discarded 400 billion in excessive packaging cited ponder

SHENZHENJC POP DISPLAY CO.,LTD. | Updated: Jan 26, 2015

China serious problem of excessive packaging

Abandoned 400 billion in box

It is well known as an important part of the goods, moderate protective packaging products, landscaping products, cost savings, ease of storage and transportation, which will help measure, guide consumption, increase value-added features such as a commodity into circulation, an essential part of the consumer sector, but nowadays in the prevalence of excessive packaging allows the industry "change the taste." In addition to every holiday should "fire" on the back of dumplings, moon cake boxes outside, tea, health products gift of excessive packaging has become the norm, not only that, electronics, books in recent years have gradually emerged over packaging trend.

Through the gorgeous appearance of excessive packaging, a series of social issues stand out. In China, the concept of garbage is not popular, it is difficult to implement, and therefore, the more refined, sophisticated packaging, the easier it is reduced to incineration or landfill waste processing, and the resulting environmental pollution increasingly serious problem. Relevant data show that as early as 2009, China's 668 cities produce 80 million tons of solid waste, 30% of packaging waste, which produce about 24 million tons per year box.

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