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Shenzhen Jiechuang Display Product Co., Limited is a professional cardboard display , cardboard display rack, cardboard display stand, cardboard counter displays, cardboard dump bin displays, cardboard store displays, cardboard pallet displays, cardboard floor displays, cardboard totem lama displays, cardboard stands display, cardboard trolley boxes, acrylic displays, paper packaging boxes, custom print label stickers designer and manufacturer, specialized in manufacturing and supplying Custom Printing Displays at affordable prices.


Shenzhen Jiechuang Display’s cardboard displays collection is truly versatile with a range of attractive and functional designs that can accommodate a variety of products. The cardboard displays come with a number of blocks to keep items safe and attractively visible. Client companies can choose for the OEM/ODM production that allows custom designs to suit the unique product display needs of a company. 


Shenzhen Jiechuang Display Product Co.,Limited can also explore their countertop display shelf range that allows a flexible and easy way of displaying a variety of items. Made of quality materials and with an improved sense of designing, the countertop shelves are simple to install and put items on display. These displays shelves are easy to handle and store and help companies quickly display products when needed. 

Our company supplies a custom printing cardboard pop display range, featuring a number of attractive designs. Made of high quality corrugated cardboard, the displays are available in various designs and sizes as per the requirement of the client. 



With a wide range of product display items in our website( ), Shenzhen Jiechuang Display Product Co., Limited is the leading supplier of cardboard displays for a number of clients around the world. The cardboard displays are available in a variety of designs with several functional advantages, for displaying a wide range of items, from toys, jewelry, cosmetics, watches to mobile phones. So the cardboard displays are ideal for retail stores, super markets, exhibitions and other places for displaying, advertising or branding of products.

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