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Box shape design principles to follow

Edit: Shenzhen Jiechuang Display Product Co.,Limited    Date: Jan 26, 2015

Graphic design of the box flat shape design principles to follow

(1) designed to combine the characteristics of the product itself, make full use of commodity form factor as the law of formal beauty.

(2) designed to meet the market demand, accurate market positioning, create brand personality.

(3) designed to be a "light, thin, short and small." Put an end to excessive packaging, packaging exaggerated and useless

(4) designs draw inspiration from nature, the shape of the packaging design innovation with simulation techniques.

(5) designed to take into account environmental factors and ergonomics. Consider practical and easy to use

(6) designed to actively use new technology, new materials modern packaging designs. Increase the sense of innovation

(7) develop the series box shape, design systematic.

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