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Cookies are people eating convenience foods, it is flour, oil, sugar as the main raw material, dairy products, eggs, leavening agent, flavoring agents for secondary raw materials, and the surface, forming, baking and other processing procedures.

After baking cookies together, more than 10% moisture content, typically 4-6%, so crispy and delicious. Once the moisture absorption, moisture content increases, the cookies will soften, quality greatly reduced, so that the most critical in the biscuit packaging is moisture-proof packaging, and secondly, some biscuits contain more fat, and fat to light oxidation, which is the packaging should be a key consideration. Therefore, in the biscuit packaging should be used primarily shading sealed package, on this basis, then consider its marketability. Common method of packaging biscuits are the following:

(1) plastic film sealed package

Plastic film is a good proof packaging material, the most widely used in biscuit packaging, there are two forms: one is in bulk, about to be measured into the bag of biscuits together, then of seal; the other is wrap dress, a certain amount of biscuits soon, usually around 50 ~ 100g, after neat, and then wrapping the film seal. Film packaging, packaging simple, easy sales.

(2) wrapped in wax paper loading

Wax paper wrap dress is a simple form of biscuit packaging, p will be neatly arranged after only biscuits metered, sealed with wax paper wrapping. This method shading, moisture, and low cost.

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