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kids book display rack Fashion Corrugated Cardboard Book Display Stand

Fashion Corrugated Cardboard Book Display Stand
Product Details

Fashion corrugated cardboard book display stand

Material Retail red color cardboard floor standing paper display rack

350g CCNB + K5 Corrugated cardboard


Offset printing,silk screen printing ,oil printing. Size to 1200 x 1600 mm

Surface Treatment

Glossy / Matte Film Lamination, Varnish Coating, UV Coating, Oil lamination, etc.


Due to low price levels, the minimum order quantity for this cardboard display is 200 units.

Sample Time

3 to 5 Days

Lead Time

15 to 20 Days


All the colors and dimensions can be changed according to your detailed requirements.


Flat packaging saves on shipping costs


Easy to assemble. Supplied flatpacked, assembled in seconds.

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